HocusPocusVille – Quilting – (344)

So, I can’t believe I’m actually quilting HocusPocusVille, remember this quilt from a few years back? I’ve had the top done for ages…I LOVE how it finished. This is the original pattern front.

Here’s what we did at Pastimes, we changed the layout by adding the orange floss and then repositioning the blocks so the stitcheries were the focus and the 9-patches were the borders…I’ve decided to quilt this immensly so it’s taking a while. I picked stitches call “wormhole” and “mctavising” and “pumpkin patch”. All of thse stithces are from Leah Day and her amazing guidance with her step by

step instructions and videos.

Plus outlining and surrounding all of the cool stitcheries to make it enhanced. it’s coming along don’t you think? Have you quilted yours yet? I’ve seen Jen’s and it’s stunning and inspirational, to say the least.

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  1. Totally amazing quilting Val. Can't believe how much it will make this great pattern even better. The switch in focus is just right and the touch of orange is smart. Great job with the change of focus and that amazing quilting.

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