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episode 74 part 3 season 1

Whiskey & God, let’s review this Great Book, The God’s Chair.
E.C. Varga on Valerie’s Variety Podcast discussing her new book The God’s Chair

Episode 74

Previously On….Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Part ONE and Part TWO of the E.C. Varga InterView take a listen

Todays Show is Part THREE of this interView with ECVarga and her book The God’s Chair. What’s interesting is how deep we are getting to know this author, she’s a local Calgary Author. Lives just outside of the city on an acreage. She works at Chapters by day in all black attire  – and is a black belt karate sensei teaching in the Dojo by night – dressed in all white – with her partner in crime, Erno (the E in EC Varga). 

We are continuing on with our whiskey samplers from Canadian Club, to Gibsons, Jack Danieles to Crown Royal and finishing off with Fireball – we’ve covered these and this YA sci-fi novel. This book is stunning.

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Don’t forget to check out the show notes for pictures, links to our socials and more. Thanks for listening, now on with todays episode!

Back to Chapter 1 – let’s fnd out more about this book 1 of 4, in todays, show, enjoy the episode.

Thank you for listening today and I hope you enjoyed our banter

You know, I’m a varacious reader altho it takes me a while to finish a book, I always have a good story on the go. I just love local authors and referencing familar places and cities within the book – it the connection to the story we are always looking for weather it’s the characters or the locations described in  the book. If we can connect, we’re committed readers, rights?

The spider that Constance is referring to is call the Darwins Bark Spider. They build their web with the orb suspended directly above a river or the water body of a lake, a habitat that no other spider can use. This spiders silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a sililarly-sized piece of kevlar. These are a spider of movies, with large females almost all black, with white hairs on their bodies legs of 1.4” long. and yes Constance was correct they can web a span of up to 3 meters.

After we were done the ‘interview’ part we just sat and kabitzed and this is really where the goods are —  here’s some out takes rememeber we’re a few whiskey samplers in, finishing our last one and enjoying casual banter…take a listen to these clips…

Who am I

This show is written and produced by me, Valerie Moss, in Calgary, Alberta, the Valerie’s “Variety” name came from my husband and his wealth of knowledge when it comes to my love for change – I couldn’t be pigeoned holed into one genre thus the ‘ReVies|InterViews and My DailyViews in the opening of this show, as this is what the show is truly about and the focus is these three main headings.

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You can find Constance at ECVarga.com Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

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