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Todays show is a Review of the Book from yesterdays episode, Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel, this was my first fiction book with characters that I completed. I loved this book and I loved that I produced this for a women in the UK. We will explore some pieces of this book today to maybe enticee you to buy a paperback or an audio version of this book. We’ll share chapter 1 at the end of the show…

One thing that stands out about her writing for Ghost of Me, is that the books starts out with a poem.

Haunting my own life 

I’m a ghost
Haunting my own life Trying to remember How not to be forgotten 

I’m a ghost
But my heart still beats
Now I’m slowly fading
Soon there will be nothing left 

I’m a ghost
Watching, listening, wishing
I was still part of something While everyone else gets to live 

I’m a ghost
Though I still have breath Everything plays out in front of me 

But it’s all just out of reach 

Doesn’t this just set the stage for the book, you get an idea of what you’re walking into but nothing on how it plays out.

As you heard in the interview with Amanda, she chose locations in her book that were sort of true but changed the street names and areas to disguise these just a little.

One Review says: This is a rare find. A great paranormal thriller. Spine-tingling and goosebumps throughout the book. Fast paced and action packed storyline. Keeps you from putting this book down.

Another Review says: This is the 1st book I’ve read written by Amanda Steel; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book. I loved the chemistry between the characters.

Another Reviewer says: She was killed and she is now a ghost. She finds out there is a chance she had been murdered. Being a ghost is not going to stop looking for her killer. Who killed her? How will she do it? See if she can

My Review: If you like a good crime story, and paranormal bits added in, this is a great read – who wouldn’t want to solve their own murder? But as a ghost it makes things a lot more difficult like talking or writing or transporting to another location. Amanda has thought of all kinds of angles in this book keeping you guessing and pondering. I also like that the book is written in first person which makes it more personal, especially as a female reader and narrator.

Thanks Amanda for trusting me with your book and liking my voice!

Here’s chapter one of Ghost of me!

What did you think of this sneak peak, please visit the show notes to purchase a copy of Ghost of Me Audio Book or check out Amanda Steel Writer website and her other books that are more in the zombie line up.

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