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episode 102 season 3

Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, todays show is an interview with The Author of Ghost of Me, Amanda Steel. She is an author and copywriter living in Manchester, UK. Ghost of Me is her second novel to be converted into an audiobook. She also has a third in production. As the co-host of a book review podcast, she has become an avid listener of audiobooks, to ensure that she always has enough books to review each month. She finds she can often listen while doing some more mundane tasks, which don’t require a lot of thinking, can’t we all agree with this?

1. Intro 1:13.0 todays show I have a special guest, Amanda Steel author of Ghost of me a book I had the pleasure of producing, it was my first fiction book and it had a character named Valerie, how fitting right? Well we will get to know Amanda and the goods behind this story, the characters and her love of writing..

2. Speakeasy have you ever been to a spoken word night? I’ve been to an open mic night with muscian which would be a similar theme when I checked out their fb page (link in show notes)… it’s a large living room setting and has a great vibe by the pictures anyway…

3. We are going to touch on covid, before we do though I just want to let you know that I originally recorded this in June you know in the middle of this pandemic — this show was edited late in 2020 when the 2nd wave is in full swing across the world and currently calgary where I live is in a semi lockdown state – we cannot socialize with any one out of our cohorts – yes weird word I know but we cannot socialize with anyone out of our home residence – at the time of this editing, the world has reached 76, million covid cases and 1.6 million fatalities –  it has touched the world. It’s interesting listening to Amanda and how she knows people. And the discussion about masks is so suprising – especially mid pandemic. 

4. Amanda lives in Manchester UK which has a population of 2.7 million and their case count as of today in late dec 2020 is 35,000 active cases.

End, well thank you to Amanda Steel for taking the time to be interviewed on my show, I loved talking to her about her book and getting to the know the author, the first author who I read a fictional book for – it was such a great experience for me…to conclude I thought I’d play you chapter 1 and if you’re interested in hearing more, please let me know and I can give you a free download credit to the complete audio book.

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