Winner, Gift Exchange and Christmas (entry 50)

Entry 50 already, WOW where does the time go *smile*

Hi all, well today I have a winner to announce, Vivian from Northern Needles Blog entered her favourite Christmas story for my Quilters Connection Magazine Post, here’s what she entered:

For some odd reason I cannot remember any memorable childhood Christmases. How crazy is that? I must be blocking or maybe I just can’t think tonight LOL. Surely I would have remembered if something terrible happened.

I do have a Christmas story, however it takes place when I was all grown up. I hope you don’t mind but I want to share anyway!

We live quite a distance from our whole family, definitely not a short jaunt. It was my daughter’s first Christmas. As I’m the oldest, she was the first baby in the family, so it was quite an exciting time for everyone. Everyone wanted to be together, to hold her, to be there when she opened her first gifts (she was 11 months at the time) and just enjoy her since our visits were rare due to distance, etc. So we took some extra time and went home for a couple of weeks. Days of visiting and nights of card games and board games, lots of pop and junk food and dainties and fun.

Christmas Eve morning came and something was definitely wrong. I figured it was just the travel, the food, the excitement. Until I sniffed some meat. There was only one other time that meat did not appeal to me. I put 2 and 2 together and made a mad dash to the nearest town with a drugstore. I was on pins and needles all night, just waiting for the morning.

Christmas morning came and with it came the results. Before the mad rush of present opening, I got to make my announcement to the entire family. Little Lisa was on her way!

It was a wonderful day of celebration, although there was no way I could have any of the turkey.

That was my best Christmas. I had my little girl and a new one coming soon.

Thanks Vivian for your story, I know quite a few women who would agree with you :). Please send me your mailing address so I can get the copy of the magazine out to you, Thanks for following my blog & Merry Christmas.

Since no one is posting their quilting bit of goodness right now as we have all of these secrets we are keeping from our family and friends…I thought I would have a scrappy non-quilt related post.

Cookie Exchange with my MIL, SIL and my Sister it was sure fun and we made some awesome cookies
These were mine, whipped shortbread with cinnamon chips in them, so delicious.
My MIL, thumbprint cookies and they were my favourite. I actually had to make a deal with DH so he would save these for me *smile*. She scrap-booked her recipe card – so cute!
These were my Sisters, Ginger Cookies, scrumptious!!
These were my SIL’s they are lemon, cranberry shortbread. 
We were kind of joking about having to make 4 dozen cookies amoungst all of the other Christmas stuff going on…but it worked out and it was such a nice down home visit with the ladies – thanks Colleen for making it happen.
Here’s my MIL’s Christmas card for this year. Every year she water colour paints her card then gets it printed onto photo paper…this year was probably her best yet, but then again I really liked the Christmas decorations she painted one year…
For me, this little bird is all puffed out trying to stay warm yet enjoying the stillness of the day with the freshly dusted tree branches and the brisk air, how re-freshing she would say…Love it!
Last but not least, I thought I would share a picture of Tig. Since we rescued her from the pound 8.5 years ago she has never really enjoyed winter and is always cold during this time of year but hey who isn’t :). In the winter months, she can be found either a) under the tree or b) on a heat register…it’s really quite cute:
{not one piece of the register vent is exposed, she has it covered LOL)

I have one gift left to make for our “homemade” Christmas and it’s for Jeff’s Nannie (mom’s mom), if anyone has any ideas please send them my way as I’m kind of struggling here…thanks so much.
Until next time, have a happy creative day…

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  1. Hey Vivian, the cookies were fab and barely made it to Christmas lol. Got your email, have a great day!! Watch your mail box!!

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