Podcasts and BLOGS (entry 19)

Hi Ladies, I wanted to share a few of my favourite Podcasts & BLOGS with you that I listen to on a regular basis and love.

First: Alison Rosen puts out this excellent BLOG called Within a Quarter Inch – she always has so many good ideas and I love her sense of humour – just a good down to earth person with a creative heart – I can relate, can you? Here’s the link to her Podcast – it’s completely free listen to her while commuting into work and you will have a blast!!

Second: I also listen to Gene’s called Quilted Cupcake she’s also great to listen to – just very down to earth. She just did this fab one on aprons.

Third: Rachel Griffith called p.s. I Quilt she is quite gifted and creative – I like her short & sweet blog postings.

Fourth: Is my sister Lisa Jones’s BLOG called Urbane Bliss. This isn’t a BLOG about quilting or crafting although she is quite creative and is becoming more involved in the whole Pastimes Online Biz and she is an excellent sewer. She writes about her kids, natural parenting, massage as she is a massage therapist and owns her own business called Urban Therapeutics which is mobile massage. I always learn something from her…