Kind Words: Lori P (183)

Sew Lori is a recent member to our Block of the Month clubs and likely one of my biggest fans…this is what she had to say recently when we were emailing back and forth late one night, she was telling me she put a link to my site on her blog Lolastitchida because she is so excited about our new Block of the Month Club: Life is Beautiful. (I’m in the process of making a button for my boms)

Yay.  I will add that button to my blog.  Are you kidding.  I love how you run your BOMs and have private blogs and extra goodies.  I would recommend you to anyone. I am so excited to start and work on the quilt with you.  I will pick one (or two) to do each year with you.  And being Canadian is awesome.


Isn’t she the best! Thanks Lori for your great email I just had to share it with everyone…

Kind Words: Madame Samm (173)

So, I’m pretty excited that I’m going to be a guest over at Stash Manicure with Madame Samm and she left me the cutest comment *blush* I’m totally flattered and I hope I don’t let you down 🙂

Well sweet you are right about one thing…well a lot of things…I HEART you…sew!

I was checking the blog links of course now that you have made it to our blog roll too…it will be easy to catch up all time..
And of course I am excited…in a way I hope someone drops out early..but nobody ever does..everyone wants to

Sew we will just have to wait a is only next WED…yeah.. I know they will just love you, how could they NOT…lol

anyway you are more than ready..I can feel it..I know these things wink…

piece be with you …always ..msamm

Thanks Madame for brightening up my super sunny day even more 🙂

Kind Words: Laine (165)

this comment from Laine made putting my kit together so worth while – thanks Laine 🙂

I love the way your package is put together. I will have to have one of those even if I don’t win the give-a-way! Happy blogging! Laine …