Lakeside Quilters: Spring Fair (17)

The Lakeside Guild, Chestermere Quilt Show “Country Connections Spring Fair” was a huge success, can I say “WOW” we had the best turnout of quilts EVER and the best turnout of people. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come out to the show and make it a success for all of us a Lakeside Quilters. THANK-YOU!! Celebrating out 10th year as a quilters guild is so rewarding and we still have 5 of the founding members.


Thanks to all of the husbands who climb ladders, hauled tables and chairs – so appreciated!

It was really nice to have a few vendors there selling their awesome goodies!

Sue and Elke hard at it greeting all of our visitors!

the ladies looking through some candids

Cathy doing some selling in my booth, thanks Cathy

Heather won the amazing bag full of goodies, Kim posing with her..

Finally a great group shot of all of us and I think we are all present!

What a great looking group of fabulous quilters!!

Lakeside Quilters: Quilt til You Wilt (entry 15)

Hi Ladies, so for those of you who came and went, for those of you who stayed until the end and for those of you who missed it: Another FABULOUS Quilt til You Wilt day was had!!

Jo working busily on one of her many projects

Kim taking a well needed break especially after negotiating the price on her house – YAY it sold!!

Elke and her gorgeous block, beautiful!

Heather and her adorable pink and white quilt, she’s always so productive, nice job Heather!

Here’s our newest member Teena and she’s working on a blue and yellow star quilt – the instructions weren’t the best, remember measure twice cut one lol. PS good garbage can Teena.

Hey Kathy, guess you shouldn’t have done that with your tongue…captured for everyone to see 🙂

Mum asked me to take her picture in the window…not so flattering

here’s a much better one

this is the two of us the next morning, does it look like we went to bed at 3:45 am? Pretty bright eyed and bushy taled I’d say.

Until next time we girls get together, have happy and creative days!

Quilt Til You Wilt (entry 9)

A Quilt til you Wilt sew day has been a tradition with the Lakeside Quilters Guild ever since I’ve been a member (5 years now) and it’s always a good time.

We all arrive about 10am or so and then sewed until we couldn’t sew anymore 🙂

We had such a good time working on getting our UFO’s completed, spending time with Alison as she’s been in school and away for a few meetings. Speaking of Alison, she volunteered to create a quilted banner for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch when it comes through our small town of Chestermere, East of Calgary, Alberta on January 19th.

Alison, you did such a great job on the design, thanks so much!! 

Alison, the torch turned out just fab!


Here’s all of us busy working on our projects, enjoy and ladies please leave me a comment 🙂

{Wilma, working on her Turning Twenty, Again project}

{Danielle, you are so close to being finished, I hope the thread works out}

{Heather, this looks familiar}

{Frankie, thanks for posing for a photo & I love your fabrics}

{Suzy, you are sew coordinated with what you are wearing, lol}

{Thanks June for making this charity quilt, very generous of your time and we sew appreciate it}

{Sandy, another adorable quilt almost finished}

Last but not least is me…

I do have to send a shout out to Kim and Sandy for their painstaking work on my nephews belts *smile* I SEW appreciated it!!

I didn’t seem to get photos of all of the ladies that day, strange since I was one of the last people left. Kim and I stayed and sewed until 1am…it was so much fun!! Thanks for another successful “Quilt til you Wilt” ladies!!