Christmas Tree, Freebie 15, Tig (entry 53)

Hi everyone, I’m sitting here thinking about my blog and how great it will be to expose all of my handmade Christmas items after Christmas…how I wish I could share them with you today as they are so cute!!

Here’s a few shots to tide you over 🙂

{cute shot of one of my sweet little somethings on the tree}

here’s my beaters…they DIED during the whipping time of my famous shortbread cookies…these are probably over 12 years old. You would think they could have made it through another year 🙂 

This gorgeous quilt was a raffle that we did just for our own guild, we all made a somewhat scrappy block, I put the pieces together and made the piano key border and Kathy B hand quilted it, I think she said she completed this in 2 weeks, yes ladies 2 weeks!! She’s amazing, thanks so much Kathy. Heather won this quilt and it’s sits beautifully and cozy on her bed but she brought it to show everyone. We all wished we would have won it!!

Here’s my 2nd Freebie 15 block for this year, this is called “Poplar”

Here’s Tig, playing on the back deck, watching the snow drip from the window sills from above, we had a fabulous chinook come in this week so it warmed up from -30C to -2.5C, she was enjoying the warmer weather.

QUESTION: Over the holidays I’m hoping to find a new iron, I want something super hot (temperature-wise:) and high end – what are your favourites and why? I’m thinking about spending a couple hundred…please help me out finding the best iron – thanks ladies!!

Until next time, if I don’t get another post in before Christmas (I hope I do) I will wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Have a happy, creative day…

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  1. Delightful post. I was hooked wanting to lick the rotary beaters for your shortbread cookies (I never found time to make any cookies this year). But Tig definitely caught my heart. Great cat model. Need to print that photo for professional prints. Purrfect!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!


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