Temari Balls & A Kittens Tale (126)

Temari Balls…”huh what did you say”, Yes I said Temari Balls (wikipedia).

These adorable little balls had me at “hello”.

I found this book which I had to have…You can buy it here. It’s chalked full of all of the info you need to get you started, basics, advanced and so much more!

 Then I had to have this book because of this adorable image

and all of the images inside are so inspiring it was a must buy 🙂 You can purchase it here

A couple of websites for more inspiration and of course

you can google: temari ball images and be blown away.



They are small, like the size of a baseball or slightly smaller but you can pretty much make them the size you want 🙂

Here’s the first one I’ve finished and the second one I’ve started:

Don’t you just want to hold them? They make you feel good 🙂

A Kittens Tale Block 5 I’m falling in total love with this quilt, it’s quite involved with all of the piecing and applique but so worth it.

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend!

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