I’m going to be a Guest!! (171)

So I got this amazing call this morning, yes someone phoned me because she hearts me and my quilty stuff…I’m so priveledged…Madame Samm wants me to be a guest blogger over at Stash Manicure, I’m so super excited. I’ve been rushing around all afternoon taking pictures of this and that for my special post coming up Nov 10th!! someone contain me 🙂

Stash Manicure is an excellent site chalked full of all the latest and greatest when it comes to quilty goodness…so stop on by and familiarize yourself and please check back Nov 10 when I’m in the spotlight, it will be so much fun!!

Until next time…stay happy and creative!!

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  1. Well sweet you are right about one thing…well a lot of things…I HEART you…sew!

    I was checking the blog links of course now that you have made it to our blog roll too…it will be easy to catch up all time..
    And of course I am excited…in a way I hope someone drops out early..but nobody ever does..everyone wants to post..lol

    Sew we will just have to wait a bit..it is only next WED…yeah.. I know they will just love you, how could they NOT…lol

    anyway you are more than ready..I can feel it..I know these things wink…

    piece be with you …always ..msamm

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