Somedays are way too busy – (201)

Hi all, today is a catching up day, phew I’m feeling a bit behind…what am I behind in you wonder: 

  • Blog reading – I miss you guys and your inspiration
  • Blog writing – I love sharing and inspiring you too
  • Block of the month blocks…I made the decision to do 5 block of the months and boy oh boy am I a busy girl…good thing I LOVE to quilt!
  • I’m taking a class this weekend all about freehand machine quilting – with an excellent teacher so I’m super looking forward to that. My Mum’s coming up for it too so we have a great weekend ahead in our jammies, stitching…like minded-souls that is for sure!
  • I’m leaving on retreat next weekend for a few days…only bringing stuff to stitch so maybe I can get ahead. I like to stay at least 1-2 blocks ahead
  • hmmm I’m sure there’s something I’m missing

 Just a little re-cap for you and for those of you who miss my commenting on your blogs, so sorry, they’ll come, promise 🙂

Until next time, stay happy and creative, Valerie


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