Kindle Review (221)

For an early Christmas present my hubby surprised me with this amazing reading device, a Kindle by Amazon. I’m a “veracious reader” as he calls me I’m not a super fast reader (like my Aunt who reads a book in a night) but I LOVE to read. I read so many different styles of books from lite reading about nothing to heavy reading about slavery, to biographies and travel and everything in between. I’m not much of a magazine reader (unless it’s quilting related) but every night before bed I read, Period!

This device is so great – it’s sleek and fits into my messenger bag style of purse for when I’m on the go, the battery lasts a month or longer and you can adjust the text font, spacing and size, you can read it portrait or landscape as well as it’s perfect for both right hand and left handed people. It’s super lightweight so your hand doesn’t get tired when reading for long hours. I also really love the screen savers which are generally of some famous author or an interesting picture of birds or something you’d love.

It’s the perfect gift coming it at just around $150 it makes a great gift for anyone and yourself, of course. This little beauty also keeps track of how far along in your book you are, has highlighted quotes in the book that other people LOVE too as well as a dictionary setting if you’re not sure what a word means (how perfect is that!). You can search for books directly from this device to the (important cause doesn’t sell Kindle books or the device) and they get emailed right to you wirelessly. You can subscribe to newspapers, blogs (USA only) and all of the books you could ask for, plus they are generally cheaper then paper backs – bonus!! Also, there are many free Kindle books available. I can’t compare between the different e-readers out there because I only know this one but I would definitely recommend it for the “reader” in your life or YOU:)

Do you have a Kindle or another e-reader brand, if so tell me about it as I’d love to hear about the other brands out there.

Until next time, stay happy and creative, Valerie

3 Replies to “Kindle Review (221)”

  1. can you turn off the highlighting? That would drive me crazy, I hate reading real books that have been highlighted by the reader before me.
    thanks, Sharyn

    Hi Sharyn, thanks sew much for your comment, I see Jen answered your question already hope that helps as I shut mine off too 🙂

  2. Love, Love, LOVE my Kindle. Best present my husband has ever given me.
    Lots of books at your fingertips, you can read them on your computer if your Kindle is at home, shop on the computer and have them delivered to the Kindle.

    Hi Tammy, thanks sew much for your comment! I LOVE mine to and because my hubby knows how much I LOVE to read it was a no brainer that I would LOVE it as much as her thought!

  3. I love my Kindle so much. I take it everywhere. Though I do miss reading it in the tub 🙁
    Sharyn – you can turn them off in the settings menu (page 2 – Highlighting). I didn't like it either and took care of it ASAP.

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