A Kittens Tale Goal (228)

As some of you know Kathy and I made a pact to get our Journey of a Quilter projects finished for Heritage Park but in the meantime our local quilt guild is having a show so we had to get these done by May 7th and not May 27th – big jump in finishing deadline but who doesn’t like a hard deadline anyway?

I got mine done – pics to come…

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get my other BOM completed from 2010, A Kittens Tale for Heritage Park and now it’s pinned and ready for quilting.

Last Friday, Lori and I spent the day creating and sewing our hearts out (Friday’s are Sew days at my house, just call before you come). I finished the back for A Kittens Tale, I’m notorious for using up the left over scraps from the front (and all of the kits I cut each month) for the backs of my quilts, plus I LOVE scrappy and I love that a quilt can be just a cute from behind (lol not many things are).

Whenever I piece the back, I always use a slightly larger seam allowance like 3/8s or my needle placement is in the middle position. I always press my seams open to ease up on bulk and I try to backstitch at the beginning and end of each piece I add.

Tape in place, crawl around and slightly pull in all directions so it’s nice and taut, no wrinkles. Thanks Lori for helping me out with this. Isn’t it great to have an extra set of “quilters” eyes sometimes to help out:)

I do have it pinned and ready to quilting. 

Thanks to Ana Buzzalino for teaching me free motion quilting and getting me going and Leah Day for her 365 challenge. Thanks to both of these ladies I can honestly say “I’m getting this” and I can’t wait to get A Kittens Tale into my machine…only 20 days left to get it quilted – YIKES..bye for now lol better get at it!

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  1. Oh look at you go! I can't wait to see it completely finished. Mine is all piled up and I look at it, but that's about it. Once I finish up with the two I'm doing now I'll go back to it.

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