Breanne’s Quilt (278)

You know how much I love doing Chenielle, I even made a pattern for a scissor keeper using the chenille technique. For those of you who are new to my block – check out the tutorial I did on this technique. The quilt I did for Grace was using chenille also.
Here’s Breanne’s Quilt – super cute I’d say. It measures 50″ square so nice and big. She’s 5 months old now and recently her mom held my baby shower for Miss London. While we were there Dianne was mentioning she’d like a nice big quilt for Breanne that she can use in her crib and she really liked the chenille quilt I received from Debbie.
Here’s the two of them at London’s shower hanging out together – too cute! this is the quilt from Debbie.
Here’s the one I made for Breanne, so snuggly and warm…super easy.

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