Me Mondays – London (282)

I started this Me Mondays post sometime ago because I wanted to share my personal thoughts about things and not necessarily about Quilting – are you all okay with this?

Since I had Baby Girl, things in my life have changed drastically but for the better – it’s amazing having this little person around all the time – absorbing everything around them. I so looking forward to Christmas and all of the firsts that are to come…It’s the “firsts” that are the BEST. It takes me back to simpler times when the little things in life truly mattered – now they DO.

I belong to this local Baby Talk group, it’s put on by the Town and gathers like mom’s together with a Public Health Nurse and teaches us different things about parenting – from the baby’s eyes and general health to preparing their food.

I always learn something from either the Health Nurse or the Moms – more then not it’s from another Mom. It’s amazing seeing all of these little people change from week to week and seeing the differences between one 3 month old like London to the next 3 month old. I’m loving it. It also seems to keep me from going crazy or little things and just knowing that I’m normal 🙂

Do you or Did you belong to a baby group? If so, tell me what you loved about it!

It’s also amazing how your time just isn’t about you anymore, it’s about this little person’s schedule. I love that I’m fortunate enough to have London be part of my business, hang out with me during the day – every day and I don’t have to think or decide about a day home or day care – I’m very greateful for this. Thanks to my wonderful Husband for this opportunity. 

So I wanted to share something that’s helped tremendously since becoming a parent and scrubbing all those baby clothes because the disposable diapers haven’t done their job (if you know what I mean). I recently mentioned these at Baby Talk and the mom’s hadn’t heard about them, G Diapers – Check out this video

This is the BEST thing I’ve found (well my Sister bought us our first kit) for London, saves her night gowns, onesies, pants and everything else. They are completely bio-degradeable, flushable and super cute!

They come in a variety of colours – super cute. They are soft around their bellies, have stretch so they can be snug without digging into their bellies and so far no leaks (fingers crossed). They are an investment initally with the covers but you only need a few pairs of covers and then the pouches get a few more, and the disposable liners which are the flushable part. You can also use cloth liners – if you choose.

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