Crazy Christmas Finished (322)


Hi all, so I’ve been doing some catching up lately after the worst cold, lasting 4 weeks I’m finally back…and I’m pleased to blog about my Crazy Christmas quilt is now finished…well I kind-of made mine a bit smaller it’s 15 blocks instead of 25. I have 17 blocks finished but not enough for one more row so…here’s the pics

I’ve taken these with my iPhone so they are not the BEST but do capture it nicely…here’s my favourite block.

This was such a fun project including videos – to music lol and learning the quilt as you go technique so it wasn’t such a huge quilt to go ahead and quilt all at one at the end…nice to complete this in smaller segments.

We still have a few more Crazy Christmas kits available and these have been quite popular…so if you’ve been debating on purchasing one, let me know. One lady wanted one so bad she asked if we could split the total up into payments – now that’s a die hard quilter and I greatefully obliged.

How do you like the back, nice and scrappy, how do you like the scrappy binding?



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