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… “we were on the Kinds property”

There isn’t many people I come across since living in Calgary that are actually born here…but my dad, Michael Swain was born here at the Calgary General Hospital. He went back to school later in life completing his Masters in Business Administration and then packing up his bags looking for new experiences, across the pond. Finding an opportunity as a Professor in a Commerce school in Doha, Qatar which lasted 7 years.

welcome to the show Michael Swain…

  • where were you born
  • Calgary General Hospital
  • What school did you go to?
  • Live?
  • Where did you mom and dad work

Check out this link for Imperial Oil

  • what do you remember about their jobs?
  • what year was this
  • Stampede memories in Calgary
  • Best memory of Calgary
  • coming to calgary now…
  • What does it mean to be an expat?

Saskatchewan Polytechnique 

College of the North Atlantic.

Weather in Qatar


Welcome back to part Two Interview with an Expatriate, Born in Calgary Living in Qatar thanks for joining me for the second part of this two part series, if you haven’t listening to the first segment I’d recommend you do this first to provide you background into today conversation. Enjoy today’s episode about the King of Qatar, weather, muslim culture, teaching, shopping and advice.

Thank’s for listening to Today’s episode if I’ve left anything out or you’d like to learn more about Michael’s tenure in Qatar let me know. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment or rating on iTunes, stitcher, google play, blubrry and tuneIn radio or wherever you get your podcasts.

Part One

Coming up on the next episode I will be reviewing a few Calgary Restaurants and our amazing and not so amazing experiences

  1. Calgary Tower
  2. Wellingtons
  3. Stadium Keg

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