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episode 60 season 1

the lean of the shovel

Photos by Jeff is a new segment on my podcast, Jeff being my hubby for almost 20 years is an incredible photographer. I’m in awe of the emotion he can capture with the click of a finger. He’s been shooting stills for the better part of his life, capturing the year book in High School is where he made his start. He still has this camera! His passion shows through his photography at every snap! Mom & Daughter team, a shy dog, birds steeling berries. You get a feeling, you want to be there.

Episode 60

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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Once in a while I’ll showcase and describe one picture of Jeff’s through a story. Let me know what you think and feel about these snapshots. Appreciate the visual, while driving in your car, making supper, doing chores. Then take a minute to checkout the picture that goes with the story. Was this what you imagined?

Today I’m featuring:
Crazy April Snow Day

The Path

The path is shadowed, there’s lines of sunlight peeking through the neighbours fence boards casting onto the snow filled sidewalk. The snow hasn’t been touched yet, it’s late in the day, almost supper time. When looking at the garage from the studio room, there’s 3 diagonal power line wires cast upon the peak of the garage.

Perfect Dip

One small perfect dip, a resting point no doubt left over from a bird. The garage’s window is frosted up from the bottom almost 3 quarters, it’s furry and your hand would leave a perfect imprint if you were to touch this. The window ledge is full, the snow and ice is spilling over the corner at just the right angle down toward the corner of the door. Catch me it’s calling, don’t let me fall.
The light is off, the door is locked, the garage is asleep and closed for the day. The cars are safe, the contents are secured.

Slice of Light

There’s a diagonal of sunlight no twilight maybe that’s displayed in a wide rectangle across the door to the garage and across the front of the  garage. This diagonal has a wide section with one wire shadow slicing through its path.

The Shovel

A blue shovel is resting against the garage, outside in the cold with  the snow alone, knowing another night is bestowed upon him. Tomorrow he’ll have work to do clearing this path as one more day of shovelling is ahead, and maybe more to come.

What colour is the garage?

What colour is the shovel?

This is Crazy April Snow Day, written and produced by Valerie Moss, photo by Jeff Moss check him out on IG @ Jeff Moss

Check out my website for this picture and leave your comments, did I miss describing something – were you picturing something else, tell me your thoughts?

Story by Valerie Moss, Photo by Jeff Moss

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