InterView: Clare C. Marshall – Part THREE (final)

In Part THREE and the final chapter of my interview with Clare C Marshall.

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Episode 65 Part THREE (final)

Today’s show is PartTHREE of my interView if you haven’t listened to the first two parts last week and the previous week to that, be sure to do so.

InterView with Clare C. Marshall and me, Valerie Moss in Studio17

Last Episode Part TWO

Just a bit of a recap I’m interviewing Clare C Marshall, a Calgary Author who I found at a create market show here in Calgary. Since this interView I’m about 50% through her third book, of the Sparkstone Sega. Clare promised to come back and spend some more time with me and more q and a on the last two books of this Sega Book TWO and Book THREE

Part THREE (final)

In Part THREE we will listen to more readings from Clare’s voice, on the Sparkstone, we’re focussing on book one but there is 2 more books currently available and 2 more in the works, so she reveals to us. We talk about Jadore one of the University professors, she has interesting skin and has a high up position within the whole ‘Collective’ Alien community.  

We talk about her upcoming shows. Her favourite author, Marissa Meyer and her book Cinder and why. Her liking to video Spyderweb Software where she ordered one of his games thorugh the mail, cash in envelope when she was 12. And her future, what’s next for Clare. As well as her new podcast/chapter serial series available off her webiste, called Wingtorn

I’m going to start listening to it, will you?

Book ONE is called Stars in her Eyes

Book TWO is called Dreams in her Head

Book THREE is called Hunger in her Bones and here’s the back cover narrative – too bad Clare’s not here to read this for me.

If you’re interested in reading along with me, check out her site and my site for all the details. Come take a lecture from the mysterious Jadore, don’t be late.

Enjoy the episode… 

Clare C. Marshall and me, Valerie Moss…enjoying a few selfie moments.

Visit Faery Ink Press and for all the show notes and details. This show was written and edited by me Valerie Moss, loops I used from GarageBand were:

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