InterView: Valerie (Flexual) on ‘Valerie’ Series – Part THREE

Episode 68 Part THREE (Final)

Check out Part TWO from last week. and Part ONE from the week before.

This ‘Valerie’ Series a series about the Valerie’s, Val’s, Valley’s and whatever these amazing women go by, of the world. In this series I’m combing through the Jennifer’s Michelle’s and Cathy’s, looking for the vivacious, tenacious and dubious Valerie’s. Are you a Valerie get in touch with me – do you know a Valerie – tell her to connect. I’m looking for our common thread.

I had the privilege of interviewing Valerie ‘Flexual’, I found her through instagram @ValFlexual and like me she doesn’t know any Valerie’s. She’s kind, she cares about the environment, she does her part. She has collected over 100 shark teeth. She’s scared of fresh water lakes. She’s a Sagittarius and she’s never left South Florida. Enjoy our banter, at times she gives me the chills with her good vibes that I feel right through the microphone. She loves to love and gives back. She believes…

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook Instagram @ValerieJMoss Pinterest @VJMoss Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

Valerie Flexual on ‘Valerie’ Series Part THREE (final)

ValFlexual on Valerie’s Variety Podcast, ‘Valerie’ Series

In this final part of the Valerie Flexual InterView, we are now friends, common passions in life, kindship we’re connected. She has a great voice, and is so full of compassion. I really enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her on a deep level. She’ll be on the show again. Did you know about Crocs versus Alegators? I didn’t but I do now. Next time you litter think of this show and remember Valerie Flexual who’s doing her best to keep her footprint clean, take care of pets and humans, who need it most.

Find her on Instagram @ValFlexual and on Facebook @ValerieFlexcobar

Talk to you next Tuesday.

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