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episode 94 season 2

…another audiobook Wicca Magic

Wicca Magic: the starter kit: a beginner’s guide to start practicing wicca herbal magic, crystal magic, and candle magic. This is the second book I’ve narrated with this topic of Wicca and honestly I found them very interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m a religious person but I do believe there’s a higher being than just us humans, I also believe in protecting the plants and animals around me (my hamster is going on 5 and my cat is going on 19) – as well as being kind to nature, growing plants and food.

When you think of Wicca you’ll likely think of the sensationalized roles Wicca’s play in movies like a bad luck black cat or satanism, but truly it’s a nature based religion reflecting on old traditions of paganism, spirituality and things like mid-wifery. I did find this book and the other Wicca book interesting to ready so I hope I’ll teach you a little something today about this nature based religion

Introduction to Wicca Magic, take a listen

  1. Chapter 1 Wicca General Overview: What it is – Pioneers
  2. Chapter 2 Wicca Herbal Magic: Herbalism, basic herbs and teas and herbal baths like to cleansing psychic channels
  3. Chapter 3 Wicca Candle Magic: The most in-depth chapter: The Power of Fire, roles of colours, candle fragrances, getting ready for spells, preparing your sacred alter, personal elements, candle magic, love and money spells, help to feel your best spells, how to charge your candles
  4. Chapter 4 Wicca Crystal Magic What are Crystals? Charging them, crystal elixir bath spall and clarity.

Conclusion to Wicca Magic, take a listen- here’s chapter 4 all about crystal magic, what they are, charging them and more.

What did you think? Interested in learning more, there’s a link to this book in my show notes and if you have a moment leave me a comment or a rating in audible.

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