Cotton Theory Quilting (entry 7)

I’ve been working up a storm at the office and in my quilt room, I’ve been trying to bring sales in and keep a balanced life – sounds hard – well it definitely keeps me going – I love to be busy almost all of the time.

I took a class a couple of weeks ago on circle quilting using the freezer paper method – very enjoyable now my lap sized quilt is going to be more like double by the time I’m finished. Maybe I will donate to charity or sell it at the craft sale.

I’m also working on a cotton theory quilt – I will post pictures when I have my camera handy but here’s some information about this style of quilting – which I love by the way.

The weather has been cold -20 or so but I love the snow and I love the winter when it’s cool and fresh out. I on the other hand do not like to drive when the roads are bad but so far no problems *smile*

I have also discovered a new quilting podcast called withinaquarterinch – Alison Rosen is the speaker – it’s her podcast – she’s a mother of two and is a full time accountant and really enjoys crafting and finds the time…

Apron (entry 6)

I always get Christmas aprons as gifts and enjoy wearing something festive during the holidays but it only lasts for a few weeks so I thought I would make myself something fun that will last
throughout the year…