Cotton Price Increasing (186)

Hi Everyone, have you heard this vicious rumour about the price of cottons increasing? It has to due with terrible whether in countries like India and Indonesia. I have a call into my supplier to find out more but my other supplier of battings has also told me pricing will increase come Jan. I was connecting with my of my favourite blog journalists and she said the same things…

Here’s some interesting articles regarding this topic.

This first one from The Times is dated 1923 but in this article it tells you how much cotton we consume as a whole across the world…thought that was neat.

This second one is from Shine through Yahoo talking about the quality of our apparal having more of a blend then the natural cotton.

This third one is from the Daily Times of Pakistan provides a bit of insight into how the cotton in traded there, India, USA etc.

Fourth if from The Shopping Blog talking about our clothing companies struggle to maintain the balance between margins, resale pricing, and audience as well as battling with the economy.

Market Place in London talks more about the droughts in China and Pakistan and China playing a big role and the sale pricing and cheap know down priced clothing will be far and few between very soon.

What have you heard? Let me know or comment here as I’d love more insight to this!

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e-Interview with Marlene Biles & Giveaway!! (160)

It’s been a while since I’ve had an e-interview, I wanted one a month for the year but I have a few months that are empty while I wait on a few peoples information…pppssstt Michelle and pssst Ana I’m waiting for your juicy stories and awesome photos….anyone else interested? Susan G, Beth S, Donna G…are just a few I’m thinking about…interested, please contact me.

Please enjoy this awesome interview with Marlene, and thanks so much Marlene for taking the time to send me your info and for the generous prize 🙂



Pastimes Online is so happy to announce this brand new pattern line available now in our Online Shop. Sipiweske Designs is created by Marlene Biles out of Manitoba Canada, check out her blog Sipiweske Quilt Designs when you have a chance.

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Vote for Fabrics (153)

Okay, shop Update!! We want to be different then any other shop out there and ask YOU our followers, friends, supporters, shoppers, readers, commenters and so much more…what would you like to see in the shop for fabrics.

Yes we’re asking your OPINION on fabrics for the shop.

Check out the collections we are thinking about and help us decide by VOTING!! We would like to order before year’s end and there will be many upcoming blog posts with new lines that we come across and LOVE and want your opinion on…I hope this is okay to ask and push for your opinions because they count, big time!!

Can’t wait to see if YOU love the same FABRICS as us 🙂

Did you know we sell our fabric at $8.75/ meter (39″ x 42″) and our Fat 1/4s are $2.75/quarter (19.5 x 22″).

Have a happy and creative day filled with fabric inspiration…

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