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episode 42 season 1

Hi Everyone, welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast this week is Housekeeping episode (vvp42). First I want to say thank you for taking the time to choose this podcast and hanging out with me on Tuesdays. This drives me to continue to produce podcasts every week. I’ve surpassed 40 episodes (some still scheduled to be released) and already building the content for my birthday episode.

Highlights from Episodes 1 thru 12

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I’m including a promo clip from our first 1-12 episodes. For those of you who are new check this out, for those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning – thank you and check out this recap. If you’ve been with me from the beginning what’s your favourite epidsode?

If you want to text me your comments I’ll read them on a future episode, or give me some feedback I’d love to hear  from you – did you know you can text me to my email, This show in still an organic podcast a variety show that is based on whatever – whenever. Where I share reviews, news, history, personal stories. Are you’re enjoying this flow and randomness at the same time.

My favourite parts listening to this clip are…plactic cheese – hiding something on their person.  Love hearing these different voices I go back to this place where I was at the time of these

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episode 2 season 1

Have you listened yet? Catch clips of the first 12 episodes here.
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Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, VSquared and our first promo clip, this clip is encompassing highlights from our past episodes 1 through to 12. April 15 from our very fist episode to July 17 q and a between mom and 6 year old. Was very fun to put together and reminisce although it hasn’t been very long…it was still nice to go back and listen to these episodes.

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Behind the Shelever Episode – e25s1

episode 25 season 1

a group of podcasters brought this story back to life

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss…todays show I wanted to share with you the making of the Shelever case a behind the scenes episode of Calgary History: William Shelever from the previous episode. If you haven’t listened to this episode please do so before you listen to the makings of…

Screenshot of the editing that went into the Shelever Episode

I recently did an episode investigating in Calgary, i spent some, well many hours at the Calgary public Library looking for something interesting to podcast about that is Calgary driven and from the 1970’s in the past, not a currently discussed topic . I first came upon the Local History room at the library and got comfortable….upon further inspection I came across many articles that have been clipped out of the newspaper and categorized into envelopes one marked crime and criminals. I opened these envelopes up and came upon several clippings about this one case in 1977.

Rookie Cop Shot,

for my first Calgary History episode about two girls found dead under the happy valley overpass, I found it interesting to combine the stores and actually write a column on this story…moving into the William Bill Shelver case I wanted to push myself and step this up another notch. I find it very interesting listing to the podcast serial with Sara Kanik as she a) is a great story teller and b) includes actual clips from the people she’s talking about. I asked Jeff my hubby if he’d be up for helping me out as he has in the past but he waste’ into it for the quantity of lines I required…when I thought about who I could get, I had a great idea to reach out to my fellow podcasters and ask if anyone would be interested in contributing to this story as a voice over. I’m not quote at the investigative journalism point where I can spend more hours of personal time finding, sourcing and interviewing these people from my stories….YET! so I first went through all of  the articles and research I came upon and created my list of “quotes” that people within these stories said then I reached out to my Facebook communities for podcasters and asked who might be interested in reading some lines male and females…well that was easier than I thought – thank you! (p.s. if you’re interesting in doing voice work for me in an upcoming episode, please touch base with me as I’d be so gracious) I immediately had so many people offering to assist with my 14 lines that I had extra entries.

Due to the graphic and sensitive nature of the story and wanting to pay tribute and highly respect the Calgary Police Service I made sure that I was true to what these people said and in the context that they said it within.

I placed these characters in Alphabetical order for ease of layout and organizing but they were within the episode in possibly more than one appearance as well. Some even had two different people to quote.

The criteria was simple, here’s the line in “quotes” please say the line 2-3 times I would provide descriptive words and possibly a setting. In exchange for this unpaid position I requested a snippet of their podcast or a promo clip to insert.

Said with purpose and directiveness

, “from what I’ve seen he has the makings of a good police officer” This was a line from Zone Sergeant Shaw

Starting with

Andy Ace as Deputy Howard Leary here’s his entry and his promotion clip.

<insert clip here>

<insert promo here> for Pardon my Fork ironically this was the first entry I received, I listened to his lines and the promo wihile texting live with Andy, and I was so distracted by how good his promo was – really good, take a listen, that I didn’t listen to his entry lol

Austin Kirk as Police chief Brian Sawyer

<insert clip here> I didn’t receive a promo clip for Austin but thank you for helping me with my show.

bridget frank quoting amazing grace

<insert clip here> I received several entries for this line but I could only choose one, thank you Bridge for helping me out, I sure appreciate it and I think you did a great job!

chirag desi as inspector don nelson

<insert clip here>

<insert promo clip here> for Tales of the Trade  Features our region’s pioneers & the stories behind the ideas they brought to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumps of the enterpreneurial journey & a legacy in the making. New episode every second Tuesday.

dan stephenson as dr. Jack Barlass and Sergeant Run Gutteride

<insert clips here>

<insert promo here> for Fireside Chat Hockey chat for hardcore Flames fans, this is a site where our NFL Calgary Flames Hockey team has a show dedicated to their community of hockey, fans and hardcore discussions, been around since 2013

 Dean Giles as constable peterson

<insert clip here>

<insert promo here> for Podscure  a podcast about obscure podcasts and the people behind them

Dustin danzer as an officer at the funeral

<insert clip here>

<insert promo here> for Dustin Danzer Podcast and You Tube Site he has a you tube and podcast page. he answers questions with comic relief addressing tough questions and discuss life and popular issues on planet earth.

Karin heindahl as Mrs. Shelever

<insert clip here> this was kind  of neat as she was interested in contributing and when I went to her facebook page she lives in Germany, I ask if she can speak English like a Canadian, she sent me a voice note through messenger and voila she not only speaks english but does sound like a Canadian…until she says her promo, she’s Swedish and runs a Swedish podcast.  She’s likely the most important voice within this story as she was the wife left behind with a baby bump and now a …window. I thought Karin did a great job.

<insert promo  here>  her’s is in Swedish…thanks Karin how neat is this?

Kyle Marshall at Constable Bill Martin

<insert clip here>

<insert promo clip here> for Assumptions Podcast  A podcast in which two friends, a Christian and an Athiest, try to understand the other’s worldview. Created by Kyle Marshall and Daniel Melvill Jones. I had the advantage to meet Kyle on a couple of occasions now, he’s very well spoken, an English major and Owner of MediaLab a bridge-co working space in downtown Calgary check him out!

Lucia Julio singing Amazing Grace

<insert clip here>

<insert promo here> for Repodcasting  Join hosts Janet and Lucia as they recast your favourite (and not so favourite) movies!

phil better as Crown PROSECUTOR Chumka

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sean perrin as zone sergeant shaw

<insert clip here>

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Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us in this behinds the podcast show in the Shelever case. my goal was to represent the characters in the right context and true to the scene of the stories and articles I came upon. Were you around during this time, do you remember the William Shelever case one of our city’s finest lost his life doing what he loved best, by being a police officer. Here’s to Mrs. Shelever and her daughter Billie and all the CPS members sworn and unsworn, we value your service to our community, Thank you!

Thanks for listening to the podcast today which as produced and written by me, Valerie Moss, intro and outro for this podcast recorded by London Moss and again thank you to all that contributed their time and their voices to this episode, I could not have done this without you. I truly value the time podcasters take in editing and producing their own work. If you liked this episode or any of my episodes and want to provide me some feedback I’d love to hear from you by leaving me a comment, rating on your favourite podcast portal or send me a note at

Thanks for listening