Winner(s) for 200th Blog (211)

Well, we have a WINNER, 2 actually for our 200th blog post giveaway. I did this blog a couple of weeks ago and asked for funny stories, we only have 2 entries but they were both pretty funny so both WIN…enjoy:

Beth told this story:

Your story reminds me of a time I was just sewing too fast. I needed to get a project done for our guild show n’ tell the next morning. “I can whip something up in one night”, I thought brashly to myself. I decided to make a Christmas table runner by putting together some 1/2 square triangles and rectangles to form primitive hearts. I don’t need a pattern – how simple is this! I attached the 1/2 square triangles to the top of the 1/2 rectangles to form the heart. Easy-peasy. Now sew those parts together – no need to double check what it looks like – it’s only 4 pieces per heart. There, in no time, 14 blocks are done! – better go to the ironing board and open up the pieces to iron them. As I started opening them up – what!! – my beautiful Christmas hearts were – Christmas kites!! I took my failed blocks to the guild the next day to show them my hard-learned lesson of ‘haste makes waste’. My friend, Jan, thought that was a great joke and proceeded to make me a small wall hanging for Christmas – of course, lovely Christmas Kites flying on a snowy winter background. Jan’s quilt hangs above my sewing machine year round to remind me to “check, check, and double-check”!

Then Jen submitted this story:

Well I’ve only been to two quilt retreats. The first one was simply wonderful and I especially loved the late night singing of old camp songs. “The old grey mare just ain’t what she use to be….” “My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specks with me…”

But my funny story happened at my last retreat. We were all bunking in different cabins and when I called it a night my cabin was an ice chamber. I couldn’t figure out what was going on – but at the same time, I am either boiling or freezing so I didn’t know if it was just me. I put on my fleece pajamas, wooly socks, toque and into my sleeping bag. During the middle of the night I got up and layered myself in every, and I mean EVERY piece of clothing I had packed and I couldn’t get warm. It was October and quite chilly. I think I might have been warmer outside sleeping. I looked ridiculous in all my clothes. The next morning I was up early – or didn’t sleep at all, not sure which sipping hot chocolate trying to warm up when one of the ladies came in and I told her my woes. She told me that each cabin had a heater, just had to turn it on. I will never forget that again.

This time, in case, I’m bringing more clothes. 🙂


Thanks for your submissions ladies, they both gave me a good chuckle. Enjoy your patterns and if you make these quilt or projects please send me your photos:)

Until next time stay happy and creative,