Review (entry 30)

Hi all, so over the past week or so I’ve discovered so many ladies have been reading my blog that I didn’t even know about so first off – thanks so much. I really enjoy blogging and really enjoy comments to read. So, if there is something you find interesting and would like to let me know please leave your comments for me to read and respond to.

I’m trying to stick to a bit of a routine with my blogging. Today is Review day and today I would like to review the many things I have on the go and I will be continuing to blog about as well as this excellent magazine.

Pizza Box Challenge: for those of you who don’t know what a pizza box challenge is – you put one block together (yours) add .5 of a meter of your favourite fabric from that block and pass it on in a pizza box. I just finished my first one for Shannon, generally you arn’t supposed to show the blocks to the person as it’s kind of a surprise but I was so pleased with this block that I know have to show it and do my review.


This was one of the very first reference magazines I bought for quilting Better Homes and Gardens 100 Quilt Blocks – my SIL and I both bought it and it’s been an excellent reference guide for so many of my exchanges, challenges and on and on. 

So here’s the block (Double T) I did for Shannon…sorry Shannon but I have to blog about your block and it’s so nice with the silks.

here’s the fabrics I chose, blue is Shannon’s and the green is mine.

Didn’t this block turn out so great!!

To come:

additional pizza box challenges

Quilt I’m designing for my friends baby…(I have to be careful here as I think she reads my blog too)

Finishing my Freebie 15 project 08-09 and Starting the Freebie 15 project 09-10 years project

Mystery Quilt from Flying Needles

Mystery Quilt from Lakeside Quilters 

Kitten’s Tale & Journey of a Quilter – Pastimes Online BOM (if you want to participate they will be starting up in Jan 2010 so vote when you have a chance)

So as usual I have so many projects on the go…thanks for following me on my Quilters Journey (see how suiting the one BOM is:)

4 Replies to “Review (entry 30)”

  1. Hi Val – thanks for your kind words on my blog! I checked out the BOM you mentioned and it really looks like something I would enjoy doing. Since I voted ‘maybe’ does that mean someone will contact me about it?? I’m hoping that I will be able to join in but depends on what is happening financially in my life by January…

    By the way, your block looks fab!

  2. Hi, Edna, what I can do is add you to the email group for before the club starts as a maybe and at that time I will email everyone and get their commitments.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Valerie Moss

  3. ooh what a NEAT idea!! I like the Pizza Box block exchange idea!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW!!! you have a great blog and I’ll be following it weekly!

    Quiltingly Yours

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