Baby Quilt for Zachary, Pin Cushions, Tig (entry 44)

Finally I can show you guys what I’ve been working so much on…you’ve seen the colour of the fabrics but how about a slight recap. These were just miscellaneous fabrics in my stash. Once I saw these colours I absolutely fell in love with them mind you, I’m really into lime green and brown these days.

After pulling many books out of my over flowing shelf and spending the good part of a sunny afternoon thumbing through them I found a few that I liked parts of but not the entire quilt for him. I always like to make quilts and projects unique. So after consulting 🙂 with my DH we came up with a ‘Kite’ theme…I searched the internet looking for a cute design and found nothing, can you believe that?

I’m working on my own pattern now and I will eventually kit this and it will be available in our store.

On the weekend, when I revealed it at the Baby Shower for Zach, Diane loved it amongst all of the other gals present. I will have the back completed today and I’ll baste it at our ‘Quilt til You Wilt’ day tomorrow and then I’ll start on the machine quilting.

Without further adieu here’s ‘Kites for Kids’ quilt by Valerie.

I’ve made two more Friendship bags and practiced my machine quilting for when I start Zach’s quilt.

Circles…I even wrote my name


Squares, which I thought turned out rather interesting.

I shouldn’t reveal who these bags are for or the colours as these will be for friends, family or my guild exchanges (let’s just keep all of you guessing, shall we). These arn’t quite done yet, but close and boy they will brighten up any dining room table, sewing machine table and to take fabric shopping 🙂


I’m still working on my tuffets aka pin cushions.

I started making some mini ones, what do you think?


Here’s Tig sitting by my machine, just hanging out. She’s such a little cutie!!


I’m working on gifts for my nephews and nieces (nephews are cut out, nieces: have the stuff need to get it cut out for tomorrow), Aunts, MIL, Step-Mom, Mom, Dad, FIL, Sisters, SIL, Nanie (DH’s Grandma) and more people that should be on the list but not sure what to do for them yet.

As I sit here and write, I’m looking out my studio window and there is big, white crisp flakes of snow falling, finally the Christmas season is upon us and now I can start decorating my house for the holidays.

Until next time, have a great creative weekend everyone, Valerie


5 Replies to “Baby Quilt for Zachary, Pin Cushions, Tig (entry 44)”

  1. I really love green and brown together…aqua and brown too! What a beautiful quilt. I love the borders, they look really tricky though. Your pin cushions are lovely, I think I need to try some out. I need a few mini projects to make me feel like I’m accomplishing more! LOL

  2. Thanks Val for the update. LOVE the quilt for Zach, have fun finishing and quilting it!
    Got one of my sister pillow shams pieced, one more to go, and then quilt and put together.
    I also love the lime and brown (of course!) we always chose the same things.
    Anyways, we have had a few flakes off on today too.
    The kids are off Monday so that is our official "dec the halls day!"
    I would also love to make some of the tuffets some day, but am going to be up to my eyeballs the next couple of weeks making costume for the church play for Jan 🙂
    Love ya,


  3. Hi Ladies, I thought I would post a quick reply to you all at the same time. The borders for Zach’s quilt were time consuming but truly easy – connector corners. The way they go together is incredible also as you don’t need to match any points and they can totally flip 180 degrees so if you don’t want two of the same side x side then just flip it!
    I think they turned out so awesome!!
    Andrea: doing the pin cushions does feel like I’ve accomplished something lol cause they do take some time and they is so many pieces LOL
    Thanks for all of your comments ladies.

  4. You’ve been busy. I love Zachary’s quilt. Green is my colour. But I especially like that first pincusion. It’s so nice and bright. I was looking at my stash today and I seem to only have muted colours. I need to get out there and get some fabrics to put zap into my quilts.

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