Christmas Goodies (entry 59)

Hi Ladies, this post is going back to Christmas because I have to share with you the quilty goodness stuff that I received for our family “home-made” Christmas.

Say “hi” to Joey from my in-laws

Chenille pot-holders from my Mum

this wasn’t from this Christmas but a few years ago from my Mum, cute hey?

Here’s my Inchie Quilt for the swap I did through quilting gallery, look at the beading.

here’s the cute bag my Inchie came in

a new Singer from my Sister Lisa, to add to my collection…I think that’s 6 antique sewing machines…

This is what my SIL made for Tig – what a nice Auntie  ðŸ™‚

my SIL made this skinny-minnie quilt for me…and my BIL made the candle – sitting on the back of my toilet for the holidays – Love it!

how adorable is this? A thread spool holder complete with magnet for your needle from my Aunt in Law, Karen and Reg. It was in the same box as a beautiful collectors silver dish…unfortunately I like this better 🙂

and Tig, sitting in her favourite chair on her favourite faux fur blankie…thanks MIL.

Until next time…have a happy & creative day,

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