e-Interview: Amber Johnson (117)

Hi and welcome back to Val’s Quilting for our e-interview today we are featuring a delightful online Blogger, Pattern Designer and all-round inspirational person…welcome Amber and thanks so much for being part of my blog AND donating a great prize..





Thanks so much for leaving a comment, Amber, when do you think we should do the draw?

Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

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  1. these patterns are adorable! I think you should do the draw now….before there are any more comments….lol

  2. Great interview! I do like seeing behind the scenes so to speak. Fresh clean patterns…wonderful! I’m ready for the draw now!

  3. Holy cow on the Canadian experience. I thought it was going to be all nice and happy and warm…she was taken to the home of this nice family, fed and given a warm bed, until her family realized she was gone, then they came back and got her and they all lived happily ever after, then wham, reality hit.

    So glad her family found her! I’m going to skip on over and check out her blog when I’m done typing my comment. Her patterns look great, I can’t wait to check out some more!

    Have a great day Val!

    PS…I got the fabrics very quickly…you’re the speed queen!

  4. Thanks Valerie for having me as your guest here on Pastimes online. I love your blog and your store! You are one talented lady!!!

    Let’s close this giveaway on Friday morning and annouce the winner shortly after that. Can’t wait to find out the winner!


  5. This was a fun read. Getting to know Amber a little bit more. :o) And how precious that her grandmother had such an influence in her life of quilting. I hope to one day pass along what I have learned, to maybe my own granddaughter. :o) Thank you for the opportunity to win such pretty patterns. :o) Have a great evening. Sincerely ~ Tricia

  6. Amber, I made the hearts quilt when it first appeared on your blog
    I couldn’t — it is beautiful, I just gave to a colleague who adopted a new baby girl
    It was hard to part with.

    Thank you for the inspiration — it was a fairly easy project with stupendous results

  7. Thanks for interviewing Amber. Loved hearing what she had to say, and I love her patterns. That story of getting stuck in Canada is terrible. I think I am traumatized from reading it! Thank goodness her family redeemed themselves by teaching her to quilt:-)

  8. Great interview, Valerie. Love Amber’s blog. I am based in Sydney Australia so not sure if I can win, but would love to have a go at the patterns, I am quite a newbie at quilting!

  9. Nice to meet you Valerie – I enjoyed Amber’s interview – she is one talented lady!

  10. I’ve known Amber since we were little, little girls. She is an amazing woman, mom and wife…not to mention very crafty! I’m so impressed with her work and I can never get sick of hearing the Wendy’s story, makes me laugh everytime.

  11. Great interview Valerie.
    I LOVE Amber’s patterns. She is are truly talented and inspirational. Keep up the fantastic work.

  12. Delightful Amber and the interview was indeed light, honest and from her heart…well actually from both of you..
    Great read…I do follow Amber and I think she is up and coming and just entertaining to say the least…
    Glad to hear you are from Canada…This was my first intro to you and your web…great logo too..
    I too am Canadian…

    blessings madame samm

  13. I also LOVE Amber and I check everyday to see if she has posted anything new. There is a freshness to her that I really love. Would love to win her patterns.


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