Me Mondays: Enjoying (130)

Hi Everyone, as some of you know I focus strictly on quilting within my blog but

I did a small poll a couple of blogs back asking if you would mind if I got a little personal…

so for my first somewhat personal blog posting, I’m loving my life

I started this business of my (my 2nd venture) over a year ago, committed myself to blogging

about the same time and boy I’m hooked. My hubby Jeff is such a wonderful

supporter of my love for being online and what I do plus he’s a TechGuy so he 

totally gets being connected and needing WiFi 🙂

When we were away camping last Friday, I was taking some time stitching outside, sitting in the sun

smelling the new fresh mountain air, enjoying the warmth on my face when I hear a snap

in the woods beside me…I look over and there is a deer not 10 feet away, a little babes,

munching on some leaves…just strolling through feeling completely safe…we were in the provincial

forest/park where they should feel completely safe but this baby deer had not a care in the world

 I had a moment, so connected with nature… complete contentment being able to sit and watch this

adorable little deer doing my hobby…bliss

Then I go to grab more floss as I’m stitching, watching the baby deer, pic up the floss and

there is a small grey squirrel just sitting and looking at me

my friend D said…”you were like Dr. Doolittle”…well not exactly

but these smaller things and simpler things in life make everything worth something don’t they?


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  1. What a fantastic experience Val! I never thought I was a nature girl and then I started hiking. I’m never more peaceful than when I’m on a trail (even if I’m wheezing!). It sounds like you had the perfect moment!

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