Machine Quilting Class (218)

So a few weeks ago, I had the priviledge of taking a machine quilting class by award winning Ana Buzzalino – it was truly amazing. I do some machine quilting but I’m no expert and sometimes I feel like my work could be better. How do you feel about your machine quilting?

This class was all about fillers – what to do with those small spaces that will actually accentuate your design not over power it or distract from it. Remember, we spend a tonne of time piecing or embroidering our projects or putting our tops together we want the quilting to be part of it – compliment it not look separate from it, right?

Well Ana was an awesome teacher! My machine however gave me a run for my money (yet again I might add) but after the thread broke 1000 times and I changed the needle about 4 times it finally worked – new thread and new needle…aaaah I was on a mission and here’s my sample…what do you think?

I was pretty impressed by my work (as a beginner) and I’m super glad I took the course.

Here’s some other gals’ work to hopefully inspire you…we were all novice machine quilters and we all learnt so much it truly made us more confident in our machine quilting abilities.

So if you’re one of the many people out there who make beautiful tops and take them to a long-armer to quilt them…maybe take a step out of your comfort zone and try a class – you might be surprised about how amazing it is and how well you can do.

Our class was an all day power packed full of information class. 9-4 and by 2pm I didn’t want to learn anything else I wanted and was eager to master what Ana had already taught us but there again Ana gave us confidence to learn more and then more:)

I LOVE it!!

Thanks Ana..

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