Show off YOUR Stuff (313)

So Carole is a new Member of our Lakeside Quilters Guild and she is a super “let’s get this done” quilter – don’t we just love these? She fell in love with journey when she saw it in my booth at the first show of ours she attended as a newbie to our guild.

Here’s what mine (left) and Kathy’s (right) Journey of a Quilters turned out like – and this is what Carole fell in love with.

Here’s her version, some of you will recognize some of the colours in here and some of these fabrics will be from Carole’s choice – I haven’t seen it completed…Carole please bring it for show and tell when you can, I’d love to see it finished!

I just love that she used metallics – what a great addition.

This one is still available as a block of the month – but pattern only or pattern and silks kit if you’re interested, just let me know 🙂

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