Dead MAC Walking (329)

Well after 6+ years (maybe longer) my Mac has kicked the bucket…this was hubby’s old machine that we passed onto me…I’ve used and abused it for many years for business and personal and it finally decided to pack it in….**kisses** RIP my beauty Mac

You know when you have computer trouble it only happens when you are in the room…as soon as someone else comes the problem doesn’t occur again? Well this time, it did actually occur when Jeff my dear hubby and my tech guy was in the room…it just died right there with both of us present…poor MAC you’ve been super good to me.

So onto a bigger and better computer…I’m now sporting this baby! 27 inches of Quilting Pictures, Shopping from Suppliers with the brightest screen to making picking fabrics, floss and so much more for YOU all – much more fun. Any questions about working with a MAC let me know I’d be happy to help!

{photo curtesy of Apple}

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  1. Oooh, I'm jealous. We are mac people too. We have an iMac and a MacBook Pro. LOVE macintosh. Have fun with your new baby.

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