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chinook arch’s, falling of a Canadian Band and First Aid training.

Calgary Weather, is it warming up? Cooling down? Snowing, What?! The confused weather pattern lately.

In the News…Hedley? Canadian Idol falls

“Arm Chair Expert”? Or should I say…

Small Company, Big Problems?

Calgary Update:

The weather, there’s never a shortage of things to discuss about the weather here. One day like yesterday it was plus 5 (celsius) and another day it’s minus 11 (celsius) like today. if you suffer from headaches of any amount, this weather is a killer – as the barometric pressure messes with your senses. This can be the case in migraine sufferers as well as non-migraine sufferers. I’ll tell you a story about this happening to me when I first moved here…more about the weather. Today we have yet another weather system moving into the city, if you’re listening to this next week or in the coming weeks, this has likely passed already however were expecting 10-20 cms which is equivalent to 4-8″ a $hit tonne of snow. So weather stationed are cautioning us to from travel.

In the news:

I just want to touch on how Hedley has hit the news a lot this week. This is such an unsavoury moment to happen to anyone including a celebrity. You know I’m a fan of this great Canadian musical act corrected, was a fan, However when a band thinks they can act in this manner and possibly get away with this kind of conduct, it’s just one of those things you add to the unthinkable list. Here’s some background on Hedley. Jacob (lead singer) was born in Surrey British Columbia in Western Canada, one of the most beautiful provinces in our great country. He won the second Season of Canadian Idol – which in itself is a feat! Plus he married his high school sweetheart is now divorced.

So how does something like this happen, is it fame, is it feeling like you won’t get caught or no one will expose your bad side? being invincible, I’m sure at many times you likely feel this way as a celebrity, and possibly due to the recent #metoo moment we are all living in, this he has thought and the band has thought and reflected about changing their liberal lifestyle. What a shame for such an amazing group of musicians to come to and end overnight.

This kind-of leads me into my second thought for this episode.

I recently came upon another podcast while reviewing Calgary themed (variety) podcasts (and realized there’s more bible and evangelistic-church-centric podcasts than any other podcast reflecting Calgary) Not that I mind, but where’ the rest of Calgary content on podcasts for iTunes?

Dax Shepard and the arm chair expert was one that came up in my scroll feed – This podcast has quickly became one of my favourites with Dax,  I’ve always been a big fan of his earlier acting on “jackass” (don’t hold this against me) and later on in Parenthood, great actor and character role here. The thing I love the most about this show – psst DAX would you like to be interviewed on VsquareD? is the fact that he’s just so grounded and genuine. I’ve only listened to one show so far and not the first or second show but episode 6 with Pete Wentz, who btw is from Fall Out Boys, the was an excellent insight to this guy’s life of making it big. He is calm, humble, and very interesting at telling a story, he’s a huge fan of his son – who btw pulled him out of depression. I agree with this wholeheartedly as being a mom of a 6yo has taught me to be more patient, have more fun, realize things in a new way…totall Pete I get the feeling.

So, I’m in the process of implementing policies in my company for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)as currently we have a really high rating with WCB due to a number of factors and claims over the years. I’m working on building a program to help put us on the path of COR (Certificate of Recognition) and man is this every going to be an interesting path. Have you done this within your company – please share your thoughts and struggles with me.

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