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yes we got married in a haunted house…

– Calgary Urban legend

– Calgary Food Spot Favourites

-Work and Safety

Urband Legend: Deane House

Quoted from Avenue Magazine:

A lot of myths centre around the Deane House, which sits on the other side of the Inglewood bridge from Fort Calgary. The house was built in 1906 but only moved to its present location in 1926. Allegedly, suicides, murders and other accidental deaths have occurred in this home throughout the years, although only two deaths can be confirmed.

CAPI investigators have accumulated proof that the building is “most definitely haunted.” Photographs taken in the hopes of documenting evidence are often blurry and inconclusive, and charge on fully charged recorders will drain upon entering the attic. Paranormal researchers refer to this as “a vortex” or an electromagnetic disturbance.

According to those who frequent the house, a disconnected telephone will often ring followed by the smell of cigar smoke. Perhaps even more enigmatic is the bloodstain in the attic that frequently changes in size and colour. The bloodstain sits just outside of a closet, which will not remain locked despite the efforts of staff. Staff are quoted as saying they’ve tried to lock the closet only to return and find the door open and the lock lying on the floor. Any objects left in the closet will be found outside of the closet, a few metres away, with the doors open.

We were married in the Deane House September 8, 2001 yes 3 days before the awful 911 event of our lives. There was discussions around the Deane House being haunted while we were having our reception at this location – kind of added to the mystery of this historic site.  I remember being in the giant bathrooms in the upper floors and feeling like we were being watched – cold and chilly.

Calgary Food Spots to Try…

a couple of our favourite food spots to try are:

4th spot restaurant and bar, located on 4 street around 24th avenue NW.

  • it’s quaint, shows the mixed demographic that lives in this area, tonnes of families, there’s a bar upstairs – some-people use it for great meeting places and the food is amazing. We once held a birthday party in their small private room – just a perfect setting. They have an old fashion buffet that’s full of toys for kids…one time with London and I were there she pulled out an etch-a-sketch and asked me what that was…modern day iPad sweetie. LOL Their menu is comfort food, pizza’s pastas and good burgers plus they have daily specials like beer and a burger, Wednesday wing night. They also have fun names for their food like Pop-eys’ mistress is an awesome vegetarian pizza or Olive Oil another vegetation option that has truffle oil and they are both yummy – great fries also.
  • the second place I’d like to review is the Carriage House Inn, it’s off Macleod Trail SE and 90 Avenue. This Hotel and Banquet facility has the best brunch in Calgary (in my opinion) plus I worked there for many years when I first moved here. The Carriage house always holds a special place in my heart, it reminded me of the days when I would work banquets with my dad and growing up in the restaurant industry and hospitality. Anyway the food is the best for brunch, a bit pricey but worth the money.  A great variety of meet, seafood and vegetarian dishes plus they pan fry huge shrimps in butter and garlic and it wafts in the air as you’re filling your plates. they also typically have an amazing chocolate fountain with fresh fruit – totally worth the stop.
  • 50 years this year – coffee deals
    • The lady that ran the bakery in the hotel, Netty made the best buns – and I even worked with her to make batches of perogy’s – she ran a Kosher bakery out of this facility which made it a very sought after spot.

Safety Basics Course

In a previous episode I discussed the challenges of implementing Health and Safety within my company due to the changes in legislation as of June 2018 and gaining buy in from Ownership group as well as workers. I’ve recently taken a safety basics course through the MHSA – manufacturers health and safety assoc. This course proved to be fruitful in expanding my knowledge of what I will need to prioritize to transition our way of thinking and implementation of a safety program. some of the key items we discussed were COR certification, Safety program, regular maintenance of vehicles and tools, regular inspections in our shop/vehicles and work sites, toolbox meetings, safety committees. What do you do in your safety program, send me an email to Valerie@ValerieMoss.ca as I would  really appreciate any of your feedback, tips and tricks to help me implement this within my company.


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