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Calgary Pay Attention

Todays Two Minute Tuesday we are looking at Calgary Languages. Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, with your host me, Valerie Moss todays show is short and sweet. I’m calling these Two Minute Tuesdays or TMT’s. As I’ve been doing more and more research for my episodes and working full time, it doesn’t leave enough in the kitty to record and produced timely, so instead of releasing less often I’ve decided to do these short spurts in between the full episode segments. Let me know what you think. My focus as always will be Calgary, this great city, and all that’s captured within it. Enjoy the episode.

Since we do live in a predonimantly english speaking Country, Calgary mother tongue language is English, however in the 2011 census we learned that 70% speak English, 1% speak French and 25% speak a foreign language with the top 3 being. First: Punjabi which is a Indo-Aryan language with more than 100 million native speakers worldwide, The Punjab extends from northwest India through eastern Pakistan. Second/Er: Chinese Dialects, which is separated into 5 main groups. Mandarin, Yue (which includes Cantonese), Min, Wu and Hakka make up the other four. Cantonese lay claim to approx 55 million speakers in China alone. Third/Thres: Spanish which makes up approx 2% of our Calgary population and approximately 2% of our Canadian population consists of Latin Americans.

We also have many other ethnic backgrounds flourishing in our amazing city for work and to take care of their families in a safe and clean environment. I know many people who employ Philipino Nanny’s to take care of their families. These women love to nurture and support the good care of kids ultimately sending money back home to their families in the Philippines.

Welcome to all our languages within Calgary and thank you for bringing your amazing Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexica foods into our city, what a fantastic exposure we have and our children get to explore your culture through food.

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