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episode 70 part 2 season 1

…truffle popcorn, my choice is better!

Listen to PartOne here of this two part episode up until we eat our appetizer

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

As our Day Date Continues…

Sauce, Signature ‘S’

33:59 our main course comes and don’t you just love it when they change out your cutlery?34:34 because we had decided to share both meals we needed to figure out how to split them up. As we get our meals shared between the two plates with meals on them, i know we could have asked for plates. One thing tho aobut keeping the plate that comes out is it’s already seasoned and warm, getting a fresh plate that is not connected to this meal isn’t the best option…were enjoying our meals 38:12 Jeff every once in a while likes my choice in ordering better than his – this was one of these rare times.43:16

39:25 the gargonzola cheese is so stinky and weird. Do you guys love cheese in your house or when you go out as mcu as we do? We are always buysing a variety of cheeses to eat at home with fruite and olives. 54:00

Sauce, wine cooler and room – delightful

Conversations between Him and Her

41:31 when I listen to these convos that me and my hubby over glass’s of wine and during day dates when our young person isn’t in ear shot. He shares with me some of his wants and desires about life. We discuss having our roots in Calgary and maybe retiring in the west in Kelowna or Oliver…41:48 then I hear these things come out of him – I woner if deep down he really could do this or if it’s something he likes to watch and admire, taste from afar? Soemtimes I wonder if we’re on the same page would he do these things, make wines and cheese and some small batch craft beers?

45:03 he thinks I can tell a good story, he’s right about that! Once, day we will produce and sell something onine and I will tell a story about it – a romantic story I’m sure…55:46 he is pretty shy and hasn’t actually come on my podcast – he’s said a few things here and there but to come on a speak about soemthing at length I’m not sure he’d be up for it. He’s pretty shy…I thought one time he could talk about cars as he’s a serious car guy but no go (so far)

Retirement Dreams

Isn’t it funny what you remember, when we talk about retiring and runming a little business in the west…we remember this story. 46;32 we can see ourselves there – it’s beautiful and rich in lanscape and perfec views. WE want to have that good feeling inside ourselves with whatever the retirement plan might end of being 50:36

The dessert menu: 56:20 well I can’t remember now if we ended up at Frenchie for their Key Lime pie which is one of the BEST key lime pies…but we passed on dessert here – this time.

1:01 listening to him say this – he’s totally right, we all love food, we like it to a fault at time when binging or eating pour choices. But it’s a social thing and makes us feel good inside. And like I said earlier when you only eat once a day make it yummy and satisfying and hittingall the right senses – touch, smell, site, taste and sound! So we started talkimg about my dad who’s a chef turnend xpat professor in the middle east. He chnges his profession in his 50s and se la vie! 1:03 

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