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episode 83 season 2

Twenty – Twenty New Theme!

Happy New Year!

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Welcome to SEASON TWO of Valerie’s Variety Podcast for 2020. I’m looking forward to hunkering down into a theme, if you’ve been listening this whole time – Thank you, if you new welcome! Previously, I’ve been a random show a variety show and I’m going to continue this BUT with a theme EAT – READ – CREATE to explore.

This year, I’d like to narrow my focus and stay true to me, my passions and loves. I hope you’ll stick around. One of my previous guests Valora Douglas said she has a theme each year so I’m kind of leaning on this thought.

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about Eating – Reading – Creating. How these 3 things influence us everyday and the people that make this happen – isn’t it you?

How these 3 things influence us everyday – they make us TIC and THINK and LOVE

We will review our favourite recipes & favourites places to EAT.
We will review our favourite books and what we love to READ.
We will review our passions and what we yearn to CREATE.

So think about the things you are passionate about, a good meal, a great love story and DIY project. I’m passionate and will aim to convince you to read, try the next thing and have passion in what you do. This show drops on Tuesdays Check it out and subscribe and ReVIEW below check out the website for details

She Shoots She Scored!

It’s funny as I thought about sharing my goals with you way earlier in the year I was sort of apprehensive because I wanted my goals to come true but I didn’t want to share them and not follow through with them so now that I accomplished my goals. I said to my hubby my goals came true that I set for this year and I showed him my hand drawn sketch of these, check it out:

  • Yellow Belt check
  • Orange Belt check
  • One big trip – check
  • Pay off MasterCard – check
  • 100 episodes on the podcast – not checked but I didn’t miss an episode either and 100 episodes would have meant extra ones 😉
  • you can check out my doodle sketch soon at my blog for review..

You know what else? When you write your goals down – they come true! They remind you they push you – you want to impress yourself – it worked for me, make it work for you WRITE THEM DOWN!

Top 4 Goals for the Show in 2020

  1. Passions Unfolded, I’m talking about hobbies that we love, quilting stitching, scrapbooking, CREATING, musicality, and the people who love them!
  2. Reading a good book and also listening to audio books – more audio books in production now…What are you reading, what’s your favourite book? Your favourite author.
  3. Making a good meal (salmon with a side of spaghetti and seafood) or trying a new restaurant (Point Sushi) I’ll still likely run my reviews altho there’s so many reviews out there – I might just do U must try this!

I’m dedicating this year to people like you who have a love for trying something new like me starting Karate at 40, or my friend Amber who started fly fishing or my husband who loves to capture an emotion in a photograph or my daughter who has to trace our hands with hers all the time to draw her picture. I’m talking about a hobby that keeps you up for days on a DIY project like beading a quilt project with 25,000 beads. This type of passion.


A new story PODCAST

I’m also going to tell a story, a true story about a house that was haunted and the legend it became. Each episode I’ll fill you in on another chapter, week by week, chapter by chapter. The story is set in the early 1940s – in Indiana, stay tuned for this it’s a side job for me and I’m in love with it – even my husband is interested and as you know he barely listens to this show! He may have a word or two on the show.

Are you interested? I’m looking for creative talent for my cover art, voices to add – I have an actor from Vancouver who will be part of this – this will be separate from my podcast BUT will be an original Valerie Moss production.

I’ll continue to update you on this, so stay tuned! It’s building and I’m so excited to share this progress with you. I’ve amalgamated almost 30 actors, podcasters and voice over producers for this work also…

Think – Bricks flying through windows that no only one person sees, sounds of scissors sheering – but do they really? A voodoo dolls that looks like someone – all this and more in this upcoming book – soon to be revealed.

What else? Did I hear you say?

  1. Skeletons in my Closet, interviews with a Calgary detective turned Writter with his co-arthur – we delve into his book and his job
  2. More Valerie InterViews, these amazing women keep connecting with me – and why our names are amazing & rare.
  3. I’ll share my recipes if you share yours
  4. I have a new mascot, she yips in the night, there’s many breeds across the world, she has heavy eyeliner & soon she will have colour and be watching me on my studio desk – who do you think she is?
  5. Calgary Cold Case update – Patsy and Eva, comment left on my website but so far no response back – being added to case evidence.
  6. Audio Book ReViews: Buddhism, Hypnotism, Bed Time Stories – I’ve been busy on this front, sometimes life has to be organic and adaptable, so my podcast voice is getting noticed, producing over a dozen books now for audible and a book deal to produce a collection of 6 book in a series – I’ll tell you all about this!

So, please stay subscribed, please keep in touch and share my show with your friends, family and colleagues. Follow me on Instagram and join my Facebook group – it’s growing and building.

Email or text me at and share your goals for 2020…

My new Show Music is called GIRL and it’s by Text Me Records/Leviathe, Intro is recorded by London Moss, and cover art and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

Thanks for listening.

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