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episode 92 part 1 season 2

Originally interviewed Nov 2019 in Studio 17 – the home of Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Todays show is about this guy Michael Montgomery, a Calgarian with a passion for finding people with passions – Which fits my theme of CREATE perfectly. We start the show kind of in the middle of a conversation about co-work space and he plugs a couple that I’ll share with you, we talk about podcasting and our themes. We talk about our own podcasts and who to interview. He’s really focussed and I’m just getting there – as you can hear my thoughts about 2020 and coming up with a theme. He’s into motorcycles and computers – talk about diverse. Enjoy this episode getting to know a fellow podcaster, he’s such a genuine guy. We seem to like the banter so I hope you enjoy listening to us chat today. Get to know me further also as once you’re an interviewer – always an interviewer Michael asks me questions…

We talk about passions and real estate market, remember I recorded this in Nov 2019 when the market was totally different than it is today…

Shared Workspace:

  1. Work Nicer
  2. The Commons
  3. Innovate Calgary

We share a liking of podcasts here’s the list we talked about:

  1. Someone Knows Something
  2. Dirty John
  3. Shrink Next Door
  4. Bad Batch

Part 1 of 2 parts for this InterView

To my followers I’ve had so much inspiration for this theme and where to go as you know I’ve now found this theme…this antique store, called The Iron Crow I found a project here but the whole process of trying to figure out a theme or a brand…

Here’s a link to this show that I’m referring to Calgary Cold Case 1976 Patsy McQueen and Eva Dvorak – still lingers with me all the time…I have a follow up show in the works for this story and will be updating you on this.

Thanks for listening to Part 1, where we kind of settle into our discussion, tmro will air part 2 where we get more into Mike and why he podcasts, some of his favourite guests and lessons learned.

a podcast for Calgarians

What’s so neat when he sells a home is he gets to know the people – it’s less about the house and more about the future goals for the family – not just what’s in front of you but what is to come.

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