Audacity Study Group – s4

SESSION four: OCTOBER 28-2020

In this fourth session we chat about the bigger picture like promoting your audiobooks, having a coach, reviews, exporting and more. If you’d like to be part of this group OR have questions that you’d like this group of 60 members to review, answer and try to figure out. We are not experts but we try to lend our expert opinion and our helpful hints along the way.


  1. Coaches Where and Who?
  2. Noise Reduction (LAST)
  3. Low Pass
  4. Start with an OPEN MOUTH
  5. Plugins
  6. Gain
  7. DAWs
  8. Punch & Roll
  9. Normalize
  10. Saving & Exporting
  11. Mono vs Stereo
  12. Promo Ideas
  13. ACX Samples
  14. Reviews & Feedback
  15. Voice Notes
Coach Advice, Keep your Mouth OPEN, Promo Ideas, Organize…and more

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