Audacity Study Group – s6

Sequence Edits, Breath Adjustments, Social Media & More

With quick studio tour, advice from a veteran radio host and anchor, discussing proof listeners, sequencing effects, genres, and plugins are tackled in this study group session.

00:14​ a quick tour of a booth space 02:52​ another quick tour, new member and a contract 03:49​ great advise from a veteran radio guy 04:40​ short cut keys 10:49​ Meeting starts, if you want to be part of this study group let me know 12:12​ Session 5 recap: Proof Listeners 13:08​ Sequencing Effects 21:41​ headroom ACX and exporting as wav and mp3, layers 31:54​ remove breaths or not? Where to breathe 36:32​ Genres 1:24:4038:15​ PHF and ACX Filters, Librivox Learning Alley 43:30​ Plugins and hot keys, chapter by chapter 50: 12 Limiter and Low Pass Filter Settings DB View 55:30​ Scammy Titles Audition Length 1:00:00​ Members located 1:02:00​ Radio Dramas & multiple POV & Accents 1:15:00​ social media, networking, promotional 1:18:36​ Session 6 starts, return policies, cancelled books, Speaker Panning, more genre convos 1:30:15​ UPwork and PFH & other rates & Updated ACX Policy 1:35:49​ BookBub for sale ebooks & Spoken Realms & Ahab 1:42:45​ Narrator Websites, Auditions, Demos 1:47:34​ Adding Files to and open Audacity Project 1:50:55​ RMs adjustments, High Pass Filter, DB View, Louder-Softer, Loudness Normalization 2:08:40​ 2nd Opinion 2:10:23​ Sharing Files Pre ‘I’m Done’ 2:13:49​ Random Chit Chat, starting with a Boat


International Dialects of English Archive

Paul Meier Dialect Services

Tonya Beatty’s Book Where my Life has Taken Me: Compilation of Poems From my Teenage Years Into Adulthood…​ Fre:ac fre ac free audio converter portable

Librivox​ Learning Alley

UPwork In Demand Talen on Demand…​ BookBub Ebooks on sale

Spoken Realms

Dave Arlington: Audiobook & Voice Over Artist

Dini’s Steyn: Dini’s Voice, Voice Over Artist

Steven Jay Cohen 2nd Opinion – An Audiobook Checkup Tool…

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Audacity Study Group – s5


In this fourth session we talk proof listeners, genre’s, demo’s, Sequencing edits, Scammy Titles, Mentors & Actor Narrators, Comparing our Samples to Others, Goals, Promotional ideas, Bounty URLs, Accents and more…

​ PROOF LISTENER & SEQUENCE 11:45​ The Art of Recording AudioBooks 15:53​ DEMO Which Genre Are you? 17:05​ PFH (Per Finished Hour) with ACX 21:24​ ACX Delay 22:00​ Unfortunately 26:42​ Librivox 28:36​ Sequencing your Editing Flow 29:05​ Plugins & DAWs – adding and removing 38:29​ Scammy Titles UGH! 41:03​ Compressor & Mics – specifically Focus Right 54:52​ VBR challenge 57:56​ Our Members are from all over 01:01:39​ Audiobook Mentors and Movie Actors 1:14:19​ Try listening to samples to compare to your work 1:17:19​ Goals, are you setting these? Show expression when Recording. 1:30:30​ Street Teams? And Promotions a Facebook and Instagram 1:43:19​ bounty urls – do you use a pen name? 1:48:12​ out comes the Canadians eh? 1:54:50

Teach yourself Accents including High elf The Art of Recording AudioBooks

Scott Brick

Jeffrey Kaffer

Emily Lawrence…

Sean Allan Pratt…


Demi Moore Audio Book…

Jessica Simpson Audio Book…

Michelle Obama Audio Book…

Matthew McConahey…

Narrators Cup of Jo’…

Audacity Plugins to Download………

Speak with Distinction…

International Phonetic Alphabet https://www.internationalphoneticalph…

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Conner’s You Tube Channel…

Ava’s You Tube Channel…

Lauren Pedersen

Melina Schein

me, your Host Valerie Moss Instaram:​ Website:​ Podcast:…

Audacity Study Group – s4

Audacity Study Group s4
SESSION four: OCTOBER 28-2020

In this fourth session we chat about the bigger picture like promoting your audiobooks, having a coach, reviews, exporting and more. If you’d like to be part of this group OR have questions that you’d like this group of 60 members to review, answer and try to figure out. We are not experts but we try to lend our expert opinion and our helpful hints along the way.


  1. Coaches Where and Who?
  2. Noise Reduction (LAST)
  3. Low Pass
  4. Start with an OPEN MOUTH
  5. Plugins
  6. Gain
  7. DAWs
  8. Punch & Roll
  9. Normalize
  10. Saving & Exporting
  11. Mono vs Stereo
  12. Promo Ideas
  13. ACX Samples
  14. Reviews & Feedback
  15. Voice Notes
Coach Advice, Keep your Mouth OPEN, Promo Ideas, Organize…and more