Season 3 Trailer: EAT | READ | CREATE: Some of Whats to Come!

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Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie, here’s a little preview for what’s to come on Valerie’s Variety Podcast and Season 3, we are keeping theme EAT READ and CREATE because I love these three things and how they bring the best out of people. In this season of Valerie’s Variety Podcast, we are going to start with a look back over the last 100 shows, a recap of each episode like the one about the man with his orange rock, q and a between me and my 6 year old, my favourite recipes, friends and crime, food, personal stories and this great city of Calgary Alberta, Canada. Also, behind the scenes here I’ve updated all of the podcast art for the last 100 shows, so you’ll see a commonality here which I’m so proud of and have received good feedback on, 

Thank you for staying subscribed, thank you for all of your continued support over the last year during covid_19 and the stupid but scary corona virus and my hiatus from this outlet which I’ve missed but I’m baccckkkkk and have a great line up in store for you for Season 3.

If you want to be on my show, to share your favourite recipe, book or something you’ve created, found saw, loved, please reach out to me Also if you want to co-host an episode with me, I’d love that…reach out to me and let’s do it!

  • After the recap shows, we will get into Season 3 and the people who make this season come to life – Like a women who is an opera singer but because of covid she’s out of work and has decided to make every single recipe in a jewish cookbook. The Saucy Soprano We are going to learn about Glencairns, call some mountains, cheapest wine in NYC, there’s some theft, and I interview authors and their books, think grim reaper and solving your own murder and skeletons, Fall in love with Valentine not a date but a horse. There’s more Valerie’s to get to know also…and why are these women so creative…because it’s in the ‘V’.
  • I’ll do some book reviews about ones that have permeated my soul that you must read  – share my studio virtually with you and maybe a little creative spark here and there…

A few facts about me, I love Calgary, the winter and the sunny days. I love to be creative, scrapbook, knit, sew, quilt, cook, decorate, and work in my yard. I’ve been married 20 years, I’m an empath and own this. I love my family, I say yes to pretty much everything. 

Season Three – video cover art
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The cover art, storytelling and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

Stay Tuned for the next season, season 3 on Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss from Studio 17

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