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Book Review and sneak Peak into this incredible horror story, Limbo by Marko Pandza

Limbo Book Review

Hey there, it’s me, Valerie Moss, todays is a follow up show to yesterdays interview with Marko Panza and his book Limbo, we’re going to review the book and get a sneak peak at chapter 1. Now that you met the author let’s meet Grim the Reaper and his love Dora and see what other readers have to say about the book.

Again, this isn’t a family friendly episode, soooo….there’s swear words that I do not beep and other scary language.

Here’s the retail…

First when you get his book, it’s not the average paperback size it’s slightly large, the cover is ominous with a dark figure, and white orb surrounding it – you can’t really tell if it’s walking away or towards to you, colour greyscale. Also the print is a dark black, on white paper again not your typical paperback colour.

Marko has laid the book out in a today time slot, the present and then a yesteryear time slot, way in the past, however in limbo you aren’t really sure about the timing of anything.

Those of you who like to get into a good scary story, not like a mystery more like a horror, this book will put your detective skills to the test and those that like a movie director like Tim Burton and or Rob Zombie, this will lend itself nicely.

When he goes back and forth in time, and introduces you to these two worlds the living and the dead…

Marko has a way of perpetuating your ideas of the characters in the book, like Dora she is so sure of herself it even scares her assistant, poor RAMBO who’s always yelling you root for him and people do the strangest things to him…the people in limbo are being watched by….. well I can’t give that part away.

The love story portion of this book, probably hits home to almost anyone who reads it because…it’s sort of envious if you were Jekle and your partner was Hyde.

The redest of red hair and smashing of canvas paintings always struck me as an interesting side story that I was intrigued by. Here’s a glimpse of Dora

One of the places in the book that has sat with me is when Caitlin and Grim are walking…

They stopped talking and continued their slow walk, Caitlin periodically swallowing the threat of nausea. Grim was impressed to see her side-stepping knee-high piles of petrified chicken bones and mummified bread littering the path as if she were on a track, further evidence of her tenure in the Den. 

Here’s a few reviews on amazon:

1. I don’t usually read horror novels especially…

2. Truly gripping from start too finish, a perfect blend of humour….

3. Loved it, loved the imagery, loved the symbolism…..

And here’s my review as the producer we always read the book first then we get into the production of it. When I read this book, it was an instant page turner because of the two universes and the time shifting between current and past, love and hate the have’s and have-nots. It kept me wanting more and trying to figure out Grimm’s plan and his relationship with the cop.

Thanks for listening to the show today, links to Marko and is book Limbo are in my show notes and we will close this episode with a listen to chapter 8. Appetite in it’s entirety to tempt you further. Buy the book Limbo by Marko Pandza here

Book Review of Limbo…
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