Label Ideas (entry 3)

Here’s a Collection of my quilt labels…

This first one if from my favourite paper piecing project called Sunshine Beauty – from Valorie Wells collection book.

This second one is called Soups On this one was made for my Auntie Maureen and her business Souptacular Soups.

This Third one is from a blended class I took and I called this one Blends

This one is called Scraps as I used all of the scraps I had. I created a legend as to what the fabric was initially used for – this was my first large quilt, piced and quilted in the ditch by me.

This was for the Going the Wong Way guild I pieced while I was away at a retreat this was a very fun flying geese project.

These next two are showing the labels for my nephews quits I made last christmas. These were made our of fabric my sister bought many years ago… One for Liam (Moose) and one for Parker (Bear)

This is the quilt that is on our bed, I love this quit – It’s a lone star…was a class I took. I called it Star of the Show