Interview with a Warden


…”all people deserve respect”

Welcome Darren Reeves, Warden for over 25 years…in corrections and policing, he is a very deep thinker and takes his position in society serving the public with humble and respectful thoughts, he’s careful and methodical about his occupation and his opinions  are constantly regarded for others at any level including inmates and colleagues. Treating people right regardless of what they’ve done, he has a very foot forward position to process. Make effective changes in someone else life, we are all human. This episode was recorded in Dalmeny Saskatchewan in my dad’s dining room setting, as you can hear there’s family mulling about in the background…, enjoy the episode!

  • Level of security.
  • Step by Step Processing
  • 7 Different facilities
  • Women Correctional Institutes
  • Process’s
  • Worst Situation, Best memory?
  • How did you meet Janice…

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Part One

Coming up on the next episode an interview with an Expat, Michael Swain..born right here in Calgary at the General Hospital, his experience with Stampede, later in life achieving his Masters in Business Administration then moving across the world in search of life experiences landed him a Professor position with a commerce school in Doha Dubai.

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