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a special guest episode “I work with Corrections & Policing” with Janice Reeves

Welcome Janice Wilby (Reeves) to the show…she came from good humble beginnings surviving a 5 car pile up as a teenager, moving into a small aboriginal town starting highschool with her mom and younger sister, having a baby at a young age, going back to school and ending up as a communications consultant in Policing and Corrections where she loves to push continuous improvement everyday…she’s also met her fiancé in jail…enjoy the episode. Broadcasting for Corrections and her history of pushing for change.

  • Where/When did we meet? Meadow Lake Saskatchewan
  • 1992 accident, September 3
  • 1993 moved to meadow lake at 15 years old
  • Our Parents
  • Favourite memory about living in Meadow Lake with our blended family…and a pig named Stella
  • Having a daughter at a young age
  • Super proud of you
  • Tell me about how your career has evolved
  • How did you and Darrin meet….

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Music for this show is provided through Garage Band and due to Janice’s love for the blues…we’ve chosen

  • Funky Electric Guitar 03

The intro and outro for this podcast is recorded by Janice Wilby

The podcast is produced by me Valerie Moss, through Garage Band and WordPress.

Coming up on the next episode an interview with veteran warden for over 20 years….have you been  in jail or spent time in corrections, if you have or know someone who has send me a note at with your story as I’d love to hear it!

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