Intruder in Mount Pleasant – e5s1


  • A personal story about an intruder
  • Arlo Surveillance System Review

My husband left for work the other morning and left the garage door opened for 5 mins.

We live in the community of Mount Pleasant in Calgary’s north west part of the city. This community has been around since…. it’s main homes are from the 1950’s. Currently there’s many homes from the 50’s that are being knocked down and companies are building large infills-duplex or semi detached style. Just around our house there’s probably 4 or more directly around our street. Most of the workers on these site appear to be foreigners and immigrants.
– description of intruder this guy was approx 180 pounds about 5’10” or so sandy blond hair. Wearing a red safety construction vest and looked to be work boots.
– how he was positioned in my carr
– pepper spray
– story of Tom Dunn
– what he stole – description and type of bike

birth certificate story

gift cards and amounts

as well as breaking my signal light switch for my brights
– Londons description of the silver truck
– where else the robber other locations
– fire showing up
– what ward I live in
– number for 911
– construction in the neighbourhood
– dogs next door
– review the serveilance system Arlo this system comes complete with x4 camera as well as several mounting devices that are magnetic with an additional option of screwing it into position so the thief cannot steel the camera.

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  • Timecode Topper
  • Police Car Siren

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Coming up on the next episode,an interview with my Step -Sister Janice…communications consultant for media and corrections…

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