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Auditions, Rejections, Musicians, and Historians

Todays show is so exciting for me as I come into my own skin more and more with this podcasting gig I’m getting a better sense of what I want to discuss about Calgary and me as a working professional in this great city. Think of this as a behind the scenes episode. Launching my new podcast music gives me such a sense of  pride, this music will be my core sound from now on..consistent in every episode, thanks to Jason for producing this for me.. I had the pleasure of auditioning for a couple other podcasts (Girl in Space and Forgotten News), losing one and winning one gig and being interviewed for another podcast and I’ll share my experiences with you today.

Content Designs:

  1. Calgary content from local eats, to travel, history & legends, past news and some of my favourite passions.  Suggestions from people like you…so thank you and keep them coming. Did You know you can text me using my email address? instead of putting in a phone number your test application you can insert the email address.
  2. Getting to know the person behind the Calgary podcast and my “what makes me tic’ approach to my life. I’m passionate.
  3. Great Stories that I come upon from podcasters, working professionals and other topics that drive me to write and podcast.
Let’s get into todays episode:

Yay I finally have my own show music and I’m super pumped. Jason Schnell offered to do the music I’m launching today.

Here’s what our process was, I sent him an email with my ideas of music I like and sounds I’m attracted to…

Email between Jason and myself with ideas
Studio that recorded my podcast music
Girl in Space
Girl in Space Audition Notes
  • check out my audition here…how fun!

Here’s my rejection letter lol, it was so nice genuine, loved this experience and kudos to them for responding – at least I know where it was at.

Here’s my most positive rejection letter. Love this chance!
Forgotten News
Forgotten News Podcast

I came upon  a note on a Facebook podcast page from a guy name Jim Goodluck…he was looking for narrations voices guest voice for his podcast called Forgotten News.

Check out their podcast blog Forgotten News Podcast

Welcome to the Forgotten News podcast. This is your window to hear true stories from long ago. Stories that once made headlines. Stories that people thought would be unforgettable, but soon were lost in the sands of time, or were buried deep in the dustbin of history. In this podcast, we brush off the sand and dust, and share those stories with you, today — as fresh as when they were first told.

take a listen…

  • insert audition here

I was also a guest on the Mess Hall Podcast with Avery Cochrane

visit his podcast at

this is a weekly podcast where Avery talks to comedians and sometimes other people about food. With his chef background and a love for pizza, wings and good quality food, this was an enjoyable podcast…take a listen.

  • insert clip here

Thanks for Listening to the podcast and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment/rating on iTunes, stitcher, google play, blubrry and tuneIn radio or wherever you get your podcasts.

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