Interview with Jason Schnell – TASCAM 40 – e17s1


The man that wrote my original show music, Jason Schnell.
Welcome to Valerie’s Variety Podcast episode welcome Jason Schnell…I am forever grateful in the time you took to investigate, write and produce my podcast music…a busy working man with his own denturist business…yes this guys make teeth for a living,
married with 3 kids, life is busy.Q9
Sam the eldest, she’s shy and observes her fellow people – yukelele
Daniella  mischievous – which in short says it all- vocals then piano
Joey the youngest – is in discovery phase at 2.5 years old – …not sure yet but nursery rhymes…knick knack patty whack and the instrument of drums being his first pic.
Jason’s love for electronic music, oldies, pop and jazz…no top favourites they all influence him and he knows what he likes LOL
He would interview Jesus as a kid growing up and how he integrated with other kids and…
LOVE TAKE ONE the most!
Jason Schnell: interview
    1. Music, who taught you and where did this passion come from?
    2. Favourite instrument?
    3. Digeridoo
    4. Amplifier troubles
    5. What did you use to inspire you for my podcast theme music?
    6. How many hours?
    7. Church music
    8. Do your kids play?
    9. Favourite song/band of all time?
    10. If you could meet/interview anyone who would it be?

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Music and Sound for this show was edited through Garage Band and the tracks I chose to compliment Jason’s interview were:

  • -Solid 70s Fill 08
  • – Australian Didgeridoo 01
  • – Muted Ukulele
  • – Strummed Ukulele 02
  • – Delicate Piano 04
  • – Vintage Funk Kit 01
  • – disco Pop Rhythm Guitar
  • – Jazz Hustle Guitar 02
  • – Strummed Acoustic 02
  • and of course
  • TASCAM 40, produced, written and played by Jason Schnell

The intro and outro for this podcast is recorded by London Moss

The podcast is written and produced by me Valerie Moss, through Garage Band and WordPress.

Thanks for Listening.

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